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Ben 10 Invasão Alienígena: Esmague a Invasão
Ben 10 Alien Swarm: Swarm Smash

Jogos do Ben 10 - Ben 10 Invasão Alienígena: Esmague a Invasão - O planeta Terra está sofrendo com a invasão de um misterioso enxame de alienígenas. Cabe ao herói Benjamin Tennyson, o Ben Ten, salvar o nosso dia, transformando-se no Enormossauro e usando seus poderes especiais para combater a invasão alien.

Ben 10 Alien Swarm Games - Gwen and Kevin are in trouble, and it's up to Ben to save them! Transform into Humungousaur and battle the Alien Swarm! The planet earth is suffering from the invasion of a mysterious alien swarm. It's hero time for Ben Ten save the day becoming the Humungousaur (an alien coming from the planet Terradino) and use his special powers to fight the invasion. The battle of the plumbers against the alien invaders will be intense and will require commitment from all team led by Ben10, who must use his Omnitrix watch and prevent the alien technology is sold freely in our world.